New allotments for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Attingham Mansion

Attingham Mansion country estate under the control of the National Trust, photo / pic / image.

What’s that I hear!!

Could it be the sound of progress for prospective allotmenteers across the water.

Yes it seems that many individuals and community groups are about to see themselves jump to the top of the allotment waiting list.

Land is about to be allocated for allotments on the some of the most famous country estates which are under the control of the National Trust.

Taking  advantage of funds from bodies like the Big Lottery Fund and the Environment Department will allow this body to free up land for 1,000 new allotments at around 40 different locations.

They will vary in size, from smaller plots suited to new growers taking their first steps, to larger areas suitable for community growing schemes

It has been estimated that these new growing spaces could produce up to around 2.6 million lettuces per year, or 50,000 sacks of potatoes.

The Trust is aiming to have all of its new growing spaces available by 2012 at the latest and will seek to encourage schools, community groups and charities to make use of the new sites, as well as individuals.

With the Green party as co-partners in government, will we see something similar here in Ireland?

Maybe, ……   but then again that would be just too handy, would it not.

Read more here…..  National trust allotments

Creative Commons License photo credit: Welshdan.

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