Attirory Allotments, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim.

Touted as the first commercial allotments in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, Attirory Allotments are now available to rent.
These plots within a secure gated premises are of limited availability, and given on first come first served basis. Expert advice and encouragement are at the allotmentees disposal if required, so the plots are well worth a look.

These Commercial allotments in Leitrim can truly be a game-changer for our community: We have linked a garden shop for people who want to order directly to the allotments. 

Boosting Local Economy: They create opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs, bringing in revenue and jobs.

Fresh, Local Produce: With commercial allotments, we can grow our own fresh produce, reducing reliance on imports and supporting healthier eating habits.

Community Hub: These allotments become more than just farms – they're places where neighbors gather, share knowledge, and strengthen bonds.

Environmental Stewardship: By promoting sustainable farming practices, they help preserve our environment and biodiversity.

Learning Opportunities: Allotments offer hands-on education about farming and food production, enriching the community with valuable skills and knowledge.

In short, commercial allotments can truly enrich Leitrim's economy, health, and sense of community.

Public (local authority) or private: Private.

Typical size of plots: 8 x 8 metres.

Charges: €175 for a full plot, also half plots can be done if required and single ridges for €35

Fruit tree planting allowed: To be confirmed.

Sheds/greenhouses allowed: Communal greenhouse and communal shed provided.

Help available on site: Yes.

Secure storage: Yes.

On-site car parking: To be confirmed.

Other amenities: Access to water and manure, stone paths, piped drainage system, community compost corner, tea making facilities, toilets, communal herb garden, garden bench under canopy, and monthly newsletter provided.

Address: Attirory Allotments, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim..

Contact: Mary Mc Guire.

e-mail : [email protected]

Tel : 087 9493243

Directions: You will find Attirory Allotments up Attirory, opposite Kennedys garage, Dublin rd, 10min walk from town centre.


If you are the owner of this allotment or know further about it then please add a comment below.

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