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Growing your own food is fun, but there is a science and skill to it as well. To help you get the best possible growing experience, I am compiling a batch of helpful growing guides. In the next short while the links below will become active to reveal all about the vegetables you can grow in Ireland. Scroll down for a look at these.

What exactly will the links include? Well vegetables can have varying common names, so to help you first of all identify or recognise the vegetable, I aim to list as many of these.  For example the broad bean, this is also know by some as the fava bean, horsebean, Scotch bean, or Windsor bean.

You will also find the Botanical name listed. In the case of the broad bean it’s Vicia faba. All this comes in handy when buying your seeds, ensuring you get exactly what you need garden centre

To help you understand some of the conditions the vegetable prefers to grow in, I will also list its original country of origin. For our example broad bean, it is Central Asia. :) I will then follow with a list of varieties of that particular vegetable and a brief description, all the above backed up by images.

What all vegetable gardeners need to know. Next comes the real nitty-gritty, getting the the vegetable seed from cupped hand to cooking pot.  For that I will deal with the following…

Where to grow.

When to grow.

How to plant or sow.

Care of the crop.

Pest and disease control.

Harvesting instructions.

How to Store and preserve your crop.

Using your harvest in the kitchen.


The Vegetable list.

Any vegetables with a tick symbol (?) beside them are now active and readable.

Carrots ?

Parsnips ?

Beetroot ?

Spring cabbage ?

Summer cabbage ?

Kale ?

Swedes ?

Kohlrabi ?

Broad beans ?

Peas ?

Sweet corn ?

Onions from sets ?

Leeks ?

New listings are being added weekly, so please bear with me and check back regularly.

You may also be interested in my other article related to this subject, namely “What vegetables can I sow this month?………. A Guide”

Irish stock.

UK stock.

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