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noun : a plot of land set aside in a garden or rented from a local authority/individual, for growing vegetables, fruit or flowers.

Hello, and welcome to a bit about Allotments.ie from myself, James Kilkelly.

Allotments.ie has been developed as an information source for all Irish gardeners wishing to grow their own food.

This website grew from a seed planted back in 2008 on the Irish garden centre forum, a general gardening discussion site which I run.

Interest over that year had swelled amongst prospective allotmenteers, current allotment holders, and land owners interested in setting up allotment plots for rental. 

The Irish gardeners forums covered such a broad sweep of subjects that posts on allotments kept getting buried, so I decided to create a base right here on Allotments.ie for all such information.

What does/will the site contain?

Well apart from detailing my vegetable growing in my home garden, I hope to populate the pages with information on the following……

For allotmenteers.

Where to find allotments in your area.

How to put the squeeze on local authorities to make allotments available.

How to begin on a blank canvas.

How to sow and plant.

Looking after your crop.

Pest and disease control.

Organic practices.


How to use your harvest in the kitchen.

For landowners providing allotments.

Gauging interest.

Setting aside suitable land.

Preparations for laying out plots.

What is required from you by the gardeners.


How to charge.

Insurance responsibilities

This will take a bit of work to compile but you can help the site grow through linking to Allotments.ie, along with your comments, news from your area, and pictorial contributions. Full credit will be given and I will be only too happy to hear from you.

During the time that me takes to get all this information together on Allotments.ie you can still visit our sister gardening forum with any vegetable/fruit growing questions you may have.

Or as mentioned, at any time use the form below to send a comment, story or message of support.

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This website is dedicated to Grandad Jimmy Kilkelly.

Always in the garden.

Always in the garden.



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